10 Bit Airdrop and IDO

10 Bit
2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Hello Fellas!

We are finally doing a Public Airdrop and Public IDO. We will be dropping our 10% Supply (10 Million) To Public Airdrop. 15% Supply is still left for future airdrops for Token and NFT Holders. We have also raised 45k$ from our private IDO. So, Let’s jump into the process to participate in Airdrop without any further ado.

Steps To Join 10 Bit Airdrop

  1. Mint The Token.
  2. Follow Our Medium
  3. Join Our Discord Channel
  4. Join our Partner Telegram Channel
  5. Quote Retweet Our Pinned Tweet and Tag 3 Friends with Hashtags #10bit #solana #sol #airdrop
  6. Enter Your Wallet Address in the form

Form Linkhttps://forms.gle/6K6fh4T8zrPHvAUu6

Token Details

Token Name — 10 Bit Sol
Token Symbol — 10BIT
Mint — CKMXo3ruPRSKMqiqSXJY7FB34LtStBjmEhgzmm3YB68w

Official Links
Twitter — https://twitter.com/10bitsol/
Discord — https://discord.gg/WeDWenzh7p
Medium — https://10bitsol.medium.com/
Telegram Partner Channel — https://t.me/cryptocurrencyairdropp

Steps To Join 10 Bit IDO

  1. Enter Your Name, Discord Username & Twitter Username in Form.
  2. Pay Your Preferred Amount to Our IDO Wallet. Pay in only $SOL
  3. Submit Your Wallet Address in Form.
  4. Tokens will be Sent to you 1 Day Before Launch.

Official Wallet Address — BFiRn1kvYHjdzDX2mvmzudkxV7hy1m94bqVLYv1eeiYV

Note — Don’t Send $SOL To any Address Expect This.

Form Link — https://forms.gle/HLY48ovbygW8gBbT7

Token — $10BIT

Accepted — $SOL

IDO Token Price — 0.00001 $SOL

Initial Market Cap — $60,000$

Total IDO Pool Size — 100 $SOL

Minimum Allocation in Pool — 0.1 $SOL

Maximum Allocation in Pool — 1 $SOL

IDO Model — FCFS

Eligibility — Public