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10 BIT

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Token Name — 10 Bit Sol

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On the Solana blockchain, something incredible happened in December of 2021; 10 BIT was created! This is a new generation of meme-powered gains wrapped in the most retro package ever seen within a Solana ecosystem.


Total Supply — 100,000,000 (100 Million)

25% Staking Rewards

There will be $10BIT 25 Million available as rewards for those who provide their tokens for staking.

25% Airdrop

A total of $10BIT 25 Million will be given freely to Solana ecosystem and community.

15% Marketing

The amount of $10BIT to be reserved for promotions and marketing is $10BIT 15 Million.

15% Liquidity

$10BIT 15 Million will be made available as the supply of liquidity into pools to make it very easy for people to buy and sell.

5% IDO

$10BIT 5 Million will be made available as the IDO to the private and public early investors.

5% Partnerships

The amount of $10BIT tokens available for partnerships is $10BIT 5 million. This would be used to foster bridges between different communities, projects and established companies that would be involved with $10BIT in the future.

10% Team

10% of the $10BIT Token Supply is allocated to the 10 BIT core team.


Q1 2022

  1. Project Launch
  2. Token Launch
  3. Airdrop
  4. IDO
  5. DEX Listing
  6. Website Launch
  1. More DEX Listing
  2. 10 Bit DEX Launch
  3. CEX Listing
  4. Staking System
  5. Swap System
  6. NFT Launch
  1. Airdrop to NFT & Token Holders.
  2. NFT Game.
  3. NFT Staking and many more.

How To Mint $10BIT

  1. Go to Your Wallet Provider (Sollet preferred)
  2. Then Click on + Sign on the Right Hand Corner.
  3. Enter $10BIT Details.
  4. Click On Mint.



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10 Bit

10 Bit

Retro Meme Coin on @solana | Still Stucked in 90s